Monday, February 23, 2009

linkages from week 3

hailey granetz boldly steps forward in her synopsis to suggest that all of the words for this week can be linked if we only understand them each as a system, a way of looking at the world around, first by defining BOUNDARIES as a form of limitation for a project, then by considering the SCALE of the human experience that should happen within the parameters designed, then by thinking about how all of the parts defined come together in a UNIFIED whole, utilizing both VIGNETTES and SECTIONS as communication devices to tell others about designer intentions…..if only it were this easy…and linear a process. design is much more about all of those BOUNDARIES and SCALES remaining in flux until the right balance comes forward (with intense work, some significant consumption of caffeine, and some sheer luck) to a UNITY worthy of being brought into the world. if we are to consider design as the socially-responsive re-allocation of resources, it behooves us as designers to be sure that we remain open to the possibilities without quickly setting limits. we think that’s what happened at the ACROPOLIS where the designers continually manipulated SCALE and refined and refined and refined AGAIN the relationship between all of the buildings and spaces into the UNITY considered by many to be the great ARCHETYPE of all buildings emulated through the ages to our very own.

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