Monday, February 9, 2009

the single most important thing... that architecture is more detailed than i thought. we really have to stand in between a doorway when were trying to look at both the inside and outside... dajana nedic

...learn to look for key ideas in a lesson and apply them to other things i am seeing, hearing, & learning... damon c. shelton to use words everyday to compare + contrast + discuss... david harrill

...[is] to tie together artifacts, events, and cultures in order to see the bigger picture. one should understand what is happening in music, philosophy, etc. to understand architecture... molly jacques the importance of being able to convey your thoughts & ideas - through drawings and words... sydney gaskins look at architecture as an art form because it requires skill, it is physical, and it is expressive... paris williford is amazing how much [architecture] is reinvented and not remembered... antonio moretz

...the way all things in architecture/design history and past cultures work together to create the world we know and live in today. makes me wonder how things will change and what new ideas are yet to come in my lifetime that will be important and unimaginable... jeff linn look at your design in a multi-view sense because what you design will hopefully be around for generations to come... gregory hickman

...our history reveals, as reflected in architecture, the most honest reflection of our values [and] meanings over time... sharon frazier

...architectural history uses many of the same techniques of analyzing as anthropology (my 1st degree). I knew artifacts need to be understood in relation to their culture but not that theories are universal... tina digiampietro to think not only about the literal differences between things (who a building was made or who made it) but also what the meanings behind things were and their differences... julie dean

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